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Hello, My name is Kerry. I live in Gettysburg PA. I am transplanted from San Diego, CA, but I have lived in many places. I have 4 kids (3 of my own and 1 stepdaughter) and I have 3 grandkids as of this post. I love doing so many different things. Degenerative Disc Disease as well as FMS and other health problems have made me limit some of the things I love. I haven't been able to work full time anymore. My work history has been about as one track as everything else in my life. I have done everything from working in nursing homes, to working in stores, to working in a factory. I later received a degree in Criminal Justice and I worked in that field for a while. In the beginning I was a teen councilor and youth worker, then I switched to working for the school district with special needs children and then met a midwife and worked with her to get my DONA training so I could be a doula. I LOVED that experience. It was my dream job. Who wouldn't enjoy watching new humans coming into the world. I have always been a spur of the moment person. Nothing holds my attention very long. I jump from doing one thing to another and often do different things at the same time. I love just deciding to to take a trip somewhere or jump in the truck and go camping, etc on the turn of a dime. I love to being out and about. Taking my kids to the pool, shopping, trips to the beach, etc, but if I'm am at home (I have been more and more lately), I love to create things. I do a bit of everything. I love sewing, crocheting, photography,cake decorating, making jewelry, painting (not very good at it though), making candles, playing with soaps, you name it. I think its because I enjoy learning things. Once I learn something, I will continue to do it, but not with the intensity that I had before. I soon move on to something else that catches my interest. Well, Not sure what else to say about me. I love reading blogs and seeing things other people create, photograph or write about.Well, enough about me. I am off to go read whatever blog catches my eye. Have a happy life! Kerry

fall kcw :: seal pajamas

I love sewing pajamas for children. I love simple patterns like this one. Quick to make, yet looks so comfortable and warm.

It’s Kid’s Clothes Week again, and I’m knee deep in two Halloween costumes (I’m stealing someone else’s great idea this year) and a couple of welt pockets for Oscar’s birthday trousers. But today I bring you some baby seal pjs.

baby seal pjs -- probably actually-1-12I’ve made so many of these sets (Oliver + S Bedtime Story pajama bottoms with a doctored-up, store bought T-shirt) that I won’t bore you with the details. BUT, these pants are double gauze, and double gauze = special! Every time I sew with double gauze (which happens to be all of thrice sofar) I’m reminded that it’s the dreamiest fabric on the planet.

baby seal pjs -- probably actually-1-2

baby seal pjs -- probably actually-1-3These were a third birthday gift for our very special (and therefore deserving of double gauze) next door neighbor friend, who you may remember from here and here. She’s pretty into sea animals and the color blue, so when I remembered Anna’s…

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